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Women In Construction

In honour of international women’s day today, our Sales and Commercial Manager, Charlotte, has written a bit about what it is like as a woman to work in construction:

“Since a baby I have been part of the construction world.  Being part of a family business often meant that we would spend our weekends as a cheerleader to dad as he drove the machines on site so that mom could help out too.

As I got older we would help out with floor plans or decoration and give our input on what we think worked and didn’t work. (Family is often the harshest critic) And then eventually turned our hand to more practical jobs like driving the dumper or doing the garden in the show home – just a helping hand where was needed.

Now I work as the Sales and Commercial Manager for Guild Homes. I base my time mostly at our Spring Meadows Development, and you won’t find me more at home than when I am walking around on site with a hard hat and a high vis.

Construction is a male dominated industry and I think for some women it can be quite daunting. I have officially worked for Guild Homes for the past 3 years and I have never had one negative experience when it comes to my colleagues. I really encourage women to get into this industry. It’s certainly very rewarding and is an industry which is continuing to grow.

I think there is definitely a place for women in construction, the old stereotypes are being slowly thrown out the window and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”


08 March 2018